Can you talk a little bit more about Cassie?
For those who haven’t seen the pilot, she gets thrown into this new town. She knows no one. Her mother has just died and she meets all these new people who ultimately tell her that she is a part of this group of witches. And that her mother was in this coven and it’s her birth right to be the new witch of this generation. And she gets faced with this power that could ultimately lead to scary things that she’s unsure of and so it’s a little crazy in the pilot. You’re introduced to her in this time — she’s very unsure of who she is and what’s going on and you get to see her journey a little bit through this world.

Is she ultimately a good witch?
I think it’s a very humane thing to be faced with the choices of being good or evil. Whether it’s in fantasy or not. And I think that that’s a very real dilemma for any human. So, I wouldn’t say she’s a good witch or a bad witch. I think that she’ll make decisions as she goes along, whether they be good or bad, at the end of the day, she’s sixteen, so we’ll see what happens.

How is Cassie going to come to terms with the whole circle and her mom’s death?
Her mom’s death is such a shock to the system and meeting all these new people who seem to know her and she seems to have a connection with but she doesn’t actually have any clue as to who they are. That’s a weird, weird thing. And I think you’ll see throughout the series how those relationships are developed and how they are explored. And she will definitely face some pretty scary magical situations, for sure. She’ll be faced with a lot of things on an episode-to-episode basis.

Did you do any research or read the books?
When I first booked the show, I had such a short time in between booking it and shooting the pilot, so I was scrambling to read the books. I was reading them during the pilot and then of course, as now the series has been picked up, it’s been a great opportunity to get to know my character a little better. The books have been such a help in terms of getting to know who she is and how she actually relates to all these different characters. At the same time, my character has no experience with magic. So it would be silly of me to do all this research on magic when she has no real knowledge of that. So I think it’s something I’ll develop as my character does. But as far as prep for the series, there wasn’t much in terms of learning about magic. I obviously did a lot of research about witches and the crystals and the books and the alters. All those things were very helpful, but other than that, I wanted to stay sort of in the dark.

Via The TV Chick.

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