Again, relevant portions on Cassie and Adam:

SheKnows: Fans were introduced to the Circle/coven and your character (Diana) pretty fast in the premiere. What can we expect in the upcoming episodes?

Shelley Hennig: It definitely gets darker and sexier. You will always be wanting to know what happens in the next week. We as the actors feel the same way -- we finish an episode and can’t wait to get the next script to figure out what’s going to happen next. There’s also some love triangles -- there’s the Adam (Thomas Dekker), Cassie and Diana love triangle. It gets really interesting and really complicated, because Diana and Cassie become really good friends, so it’s a little awkward.

SheKnows: We haven’t seen much of Diana’s relationship with Adam (Thomas Dekker) yet...

Shelley Hennig: Diana is really intuitive and she fears something is happening between Adam and Cassie --something that they can’t control.

SheKnows: Diana seems to be the voice of reason and takes a liking to Cassie, but does she really care about Cassie or does she have a bigger motive in mind where the Circle is concerned?

Shelley Hennig: Diana really does like Cassie. I do believe that there is a bigger motive as to why Diana, or anybody, wants the Circle being bound. I think that’s what’s interesting about this show. You don’t necessarily know the real reason why each person in the Circle actually wants to bind it --  or doesn’t want to bind it. I think there are some secrets for sure.

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