Let's start there: there is something between Adam and Cassie, literally. This isn't some issue of puppy love or teen lust. That's what Cassie meant when she sat by the water with Adam. She felt something when the two powered that light bulb. It wasn't normal, it wasn't of typical human origin and that may scare Cassie more than any power possibly could.

It's confusing enough to be a 16-year old girl, after all. Imagine being a 16-year old girl being told by the universe that you're destined to be with someone you just met. It would be enough to prompt me to sign up for the school carnival, too. Anything to feel like a normal high school student.

Diana clearly senses this, too. Did Adam's declaration of love silence her insecurity? I say no. In fact, I take it a step further: I say Diana is working with her father. Think about it: she's the only one with her family's book; she was pushing hard for the binding; and she just seems too nice, too perfect. I predict it will soon come out that she has a major agenda.

But what might that be? What is the second generation after? Their powers, for starters, but there's a "bigger picture," Dawn said. They clearly have a plan for those powers, one that likely involves something far more dangerous than creating fire without a match.

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