Can't wait to see how Adam reacts to this!

An impromptu game of Truth or Dare and the tension-filled road trip are among TV’s most reliably entertaining tropes. This Thursday at 9/8c, The CW’s The Secret Circle kills two birds with one stone when the kids go searching for Cassie’s grandma Jane and end up having some fun at Henry’s lake house. But before the drama starts, Cassie and Jake will be setting off some sparks – literally and figuratively – as you can see in our exclusive video preview below.

So just how heated do things get between the two? “We have a bit of an interaction, as one might say,” Britt Robertson teased coyly during a set visit arranged by Warner Bros. TV. (Since TVLine was on hand during filming of the episode, we can confirm that there was some interacting of the kissing variety.)

“[It] is a horrible, insidious game for truth to come out,” says executive producer Andrew Miller with a laugh. “It starts innocently and fun enough, but it goes to a very bad place.… I don’t know that anyone wants to hear that much truth in one session. And they all do.”

Meanwhile, look for magic and alcohol to make for some not-so-fun times for one character. “It’s definitely not a good combo for Faye,” previews Robertson. Adds Miller: “It’s better for Faye to stay on the straight and narrow because she doesn’t need anything making it easier for her to fly off the handle.”

Check out the sneak peek below and then hit the comments to tell us what you think of Cassie and Jake’s new, hot magic.

via TVLine

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