_Where the roles in the circle were defined before Cassie (Britt Robertson) showed up, now that she's exploring her ability to perform magic outside the circle -- she's throwing a wrench in the mix.

"Cassie's quest to understand dark magic will pit members of the Circle on different sides of that issue," Miller teases. "Some people in the circle feel they're more deserving of these dark gifts than Cassie."

And then, of course, there is Adam (Thomas Dekker), the man of the house (and the Circle) until Jake (Chris Zylka) returns. "The first part of the season, Adam's story was really about his various romantic entanglements," says Miller. In the first episode back, Cassie shares her secret with Adam, though she doesn't feel comfortable sharing it with the rest of the gang. "Diana has pushed away from him now because of that whole 'written in the stars' thing with Cassie, and now that writing in the stars is becoming even brighter. Without Diana, Adam is really going to have to reconcile his feelings for Cassie. He's going to have to man up."

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