In just seven episodes, Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) world has been turned upside down on The Secret Circle. Not only has she discovered (and continues to discover) the scope of her incredible powers, but she’s recently found herself torn between two very different boys. Tonight, her troubles continue to get complicated as the coven sets out to find Cassie’s missing grandmother (Ashley Crow) but ends up getting stuck in a lake house — with a lot of time on their hands. 

“They wind up playing Truth or Dare, and tensions are high,” says Robertson. “Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Cassie kind of take a go at it, fighting over Jake a little bit. Adam and Diana, (Shelley Hennig) things are weird there, and you just get to see everybody in their true element.” As far as Cassie goes, Robertson says fans will get to see Cassie and Jake (Chris Zylka) explore their little romance a bit more — much to the dismay of Cassie and Adam (Thomas Dekker) fans. But Robertson says Cassie appreciates both boys for very different reasons. “I think the biggest [difference] is that Adam makes her heart flutter and Jake keeps her fire burning — one is in her heart and one is in her loins. It’s two very different relationships,” she says. “In this episode coming up, you get to see [Jake and Cassie's] relationship and explore it more. I love his character and he brings out a different sides of Cassie.”

Another very different side of Cassie coming out of late is her potent dark magic powers, an issue that, Robertson says, will continue to trouble Cassie. “I think that’s a pretty big issue on everybody’s mind — especially Cassie. She’s trying to figure out what it was, what it is and what happened. She wants to know if it was a one time thing, which it doesn’t end up being,” she says. “It’s a scary thing, but there are two sides to it. Dark magic is something deep down inside of her that she never knew was there and that’s a scary thing — just to be out of control of the things that are inside of you. But beyond that, it saved them from the witch hunters, otherwise they all would have been dead and Diana would have died. She saved them essentially. So, it has its good and bad elements.” The next two episodes will find Cassie learning more about the magic and learning how to control it, she adds.

To do so, Cassie will set out on a search through her past. “People who are fans of the books know John Blackwell and know that was her father,” she says. “People are aware of his presence and he was a big part of the book. I think they’re definitely going to dive into that story a little bit.” But, she cautions, “I don’t know that it’s going to take the exact same path as the book.”

via Entertainment Weekly

10/23/2012 02:28:40 pm

Anyone know where I can find more information?


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