Cassie/Adam specific portions of the interview with Andrew Miller:

THR: Will there be other witches that will be coming into the fold?

Miller: I can't say that specifically, but there definitely are other witches out there -- not only in Chance Harbor, but around. In creating this circle, they send out a beacon, almost, into the world that attracts all kinds of powers, both good and bad. People will come, as Amelia warns to Cassie, people will come for their power and her power specifically. People will come out of the woodwork now that the circle has been formed and now that the circle has been broken, they're a little bit more vulnerable and that will attract more attention.

THR: We also saw a glimpse into Adam and Diana's relationship. What does the future hold for them?

Miller: Their relationship is a complicated one. They're two people that have been in love for the last three years and haven't known anything different. Diana is a really interesting character because she's a control freak for the most part and she likes her world in a very specific way and the ground is shifting beneath her feet and it's going to cause her to do some interesting things. Jake is going to further complicate things because his interest in Cassie will set off Adam, which will cause problems with Adam and Diana.

via: The Hollywood Reporter

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