Now that Nick’s hunky brother is hitting up Chance Harbor, everyone wants a piece. First up, Jake + Cassie + Faye:

“I mean, it's easy to set your sights on Cassie, because she's adorable,” Andrew Miller tells AOL. “I don't think he needs that extra incentive at the top. I think ultimately because Adam drives him crazy, it just makes it that much more fun [for Jake] to like Cassie....They have a lot in common, oddly, in that Cassie is kind of an outsider, and although Jake was born and raised in this town, he feels like an outsider because everyone hates him.”

“Faye has a very specific agenda when Jake comes back into town,” Andrew continues. “Which is, ‘I am going to get him back for breaking my heart.’ It should work, because there's just nobody sexier or more intimidating than Faye. Then Cassie gets in the way, as she always seems to, and he's not paying enough attention to Faye to make her revenge plan successful, and that sets the three of them in a triangle.”

Next up? Adam + Jake + Cassie + Diana:

“There's also the way Jake reacts to Cassie,” Andrew says. “Which is something that Adam is infuriated by, because I don't think he would be great with anybody reacting to Cassie this way, but especially this guy that he can't stand and doesn't trust. It makes it difficult for him, and then that causes problems between him and Diana. So the Jake character, he's not fun for the gang.”

via Wetpaint

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