In last week’s episode of The CW’s The Secret Circle (Thursdays at 9/8c), Diana made some bold – and revealing! – attempts to keep the flame alive with witchy beau Adam. But it’s going to take a lot more than heavy makeout sessions and sexy lingerie to stop Adam’s attention from wandering to pretty newcomer Cassie. After all, the poor guy might not even have a choice in the matter. Adam and Cassie are beginning to realize that their free will has its limitations stacked against the “fate thing” bubbling up between them, explains Thomas Dekker (Adam) during a Vancouver set visit arranged by Warner Bros TV. Now, “it’s a question of how much can they keep it at bay.”

And keeping that attraction at bay is just what Cassie will try to do — especially since she’s found a friend in Adam’s significant other. “At this point, there’s so much going on in Cassie’s world, the last thing she’s trying to do is interfere in someone’s relationship [or] hurt her friend,” says Britt Robertson (Cassie).

Adam, meanwhile, will be plagued by confusion and two big questions. First, the group’s powers get amped up when two or more members of the circle are present, but Cassie and Adam’s combined magical abilities are particularly strong, leading to the following headscratcher: Does the Adam-Cassie pairing cause an especially amped-up power, or is there just something special about Cassie on her own?

Then there’s Ethan’s drunken written-in-the-stars rambling, which turns out to be “something I’ve heard from my father my whole life,” reveals Dekker. “So I knew this when [Cassie] arrived, but of course, didn’t necessarily believe it.” Now that he sees that his father wasn’t just making it up in an alcohol-fueled daze, it will actually start to fray their relationship. Adam will wonder about the depth of his dad’s feelings for his mother when, in fact, his dad also felt it was his fate to be with Cassie’s mom Amelia. Not to mention, “you can also ask yourself, ‘If he was supposed to be with Amelia, then why am I supposed to be with her daughter?’” posits Dekker.

Complicating the witchy love triangle further is the introduction of Jake (Chris Zylka), who returns to Chance Harbor in this Thursday’s episode following his brother Nick’s death. Yes, Jake has a history with the circle, and it isn’t pretty. “He left Chance Harbor a couple years ago and left a lot of bad feelings in his wake,” teases executive producer Andrew Miller. “[Adam] has a very specific bone to pick with him about the way Jake treated Adam and his father Ethan.”

The CW series’ newest hunk will come into town and take a liking to Cassie because “she’s the only one who comes to know him for who he is now” and not the bad guy everybody else remembers, previews Miller. Not surprisingly, Jake’s interest in the coveted blonde “will cause a lot of ripples in our triangles within the circle.”

But don’t assume that it’s Adam who will have the toughest time dealing with Jake’s return. “He’s the guy who broke Faye’s heart,” reveals Miller. “He left Faye in a very bad emotional place. Him coming back is probably hardest for her.”

“She’s had a few bad boyfriends,” adds Faye’s portrayer, Phoebe Tonkin. “She’s had her heart broken.” This particular one’s return is just the beginning of peeling back some of Faye’s layers. “We’re going to start seeing a lot of what happened to Faye when she was younger,” continues the actress. “A lot of her behavior’s driven because she’s had her heart broken, not just by guys, but by situations that have happened to her in her childhood.”

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