WHY IS ADAM WITH DIANA? DUDE SEEMS TOTALLY INTO CASSIE AND ALL | Says Thomas Dekker, “As we get to explore more of [the Adam/Diana] relationship, you’ll see why they’re together, how long they’ve been together and for what reasons.” Dekker says that Cassie’s arrival in town – and immediate draw to Adam — is “kind of a sad thing because he and Diana are in a comfortable, easy place, but there’s this spiritual pull that’s happening that is hard to ignore.” Besides, the tables could eventually be turned. As Dekker hints, “Maybe Diana has that [pull] with somebody else in the group?”

COULD JEALOUSY ULTIMATELY PUSH DIANA TO THE ‘DARK SIDE’? | Lord knows, Faye the Resident Bad Girl is determined to prod her gal pal about Adam ‘s closeness to Cass. For now, “Diana is the picture of goodness,” Dekker says, “but when these outside threats and forces enter the circle, it would be very easy to be manipulated. That’s what we’ve been warned, that any one of us at any time can be shifted to another side, which is very cool.” Whoa, even kindly Adam? “I may be Mr. Nice Guy, but that could change, too,” Dekker ventures.

ADAM’S DAD, ETHAN, WAS OBVIOUSLY VERY FOND OF CASSIE’S MOM. HEY, COULD HE BE CASSIE’S ACTUAL FATHER?! | Presented with our paternity switch theory, Dekker had to laugh. “That would be cool ,” he conceded. But seeing as how Cassie and Adam have been getting quite cozy, establishing then to be siblings “would be a whole other show!”

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