_With Melissa’s cousin providing a “nice distraction” for Diana, Adam will finally start to let it sink in that it’s really over between them. That means good things for the Adam and Cassie fans. “He’ll have no choice but to say, ‘There’s a girl that people keep talking about me being destined to be with,’” reveals Miller. “’What does that mean? If nothing’s going to happen with [Diana], maybe I should look at the short, blonde girl?’”
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-  Jake becomes conflicted between his feelings for Cassie and his duty to the witch hunters
- Sorry, Adam (Thomas Dekker): Diana (Shelley Hennig) has her eye on someone else.
-  Cassie gets closer to discovering who her father really is.
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Cassie and Adam (Thomas Dekker)'s "written in the stars" romance may have received the backseat treatment of late, but Miller promised to bring it front and center some time after the January return. After all, here is a kid who has heard his whole life that he should be with this girl; he's now single; and he's going to look around and take notice and want to explore what that's all about.
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