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Some spoilers via TVLine:

SO ABOUT THAT OTHER BLACKWELL OFFSPRING…  | Miller is keeping mum as to the identity of the second Blackwell child, and we can’t blame him. But how about a hint, pretty please? “We are staying away from incest, so that can help limit some people,” he allows. We then ran two theories by him: 1.) It’s obviously bad girl Faye, and 2.) Faye’s too obvious, so it has to be Diana. “Those are both good choices,” he replies. “But there are also other good choices in the circle.” Hmm… like Melissa?

HOW BLACK WILL CASSIE’S MAGIC GET? | Cassie will experience the dark side big time in the next episode. “It’s so incredibly powerful,” teases Miller. “It’s just watching a character transform from a teen to an adult, and similarly the actress.” Might she decide that she prefers being naughty to being nice? “This black magic is a tricky thing, because it’s part of her, and it’s bad,” acknowledges Miller. “And yet, there is something about being bad that can feel extremely good. She is going to get a taste of that.”

ADAM’S GONNA GO FOR IT | With Diana pushing him away, and Jake out of town, “it’s a good time if [you're Adam and] you were going to make a move on Cassie,” says Miller. With the stars aligning in his favor, the hunk will have to ask himself, “If he and Cassie are destined in the stars, what does that mean? And can he really keep avoiding it?” Look for Adam to “make some choices” post-contemplation which may not necessarily match up with his history of loving Diana. “He will always be a good guy,” continues Miller, “but he has to start standing up for what he wants, and he is going to.”

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