Wetpaint Entertainment: So, who is Nick? What does he do? And why does he keep staring at Cassie from his bedroom?

Louis Hunter: Right. [Laughs] Who wouldn't stare at her, first of all? Nick is kind of the estranged, orphaned kid, who lost his parents, and he's a scared little boy really, behind everything. Cassie comes to town, and she's the only other person who doesn't know her dad at all and now she's lost her mum. So she’s the only other orphaned character on the TV show. Whether he knows this or not, there's some kind of instant connection between the two of them. He loves his motorbike, and he loves making herbs. He grows herbs a lot, and you'll get to see that in an upcoming episode. And hey, if you've got some hot new neighbor who’s moved in next to you, I think it’d be pretty normal for a 16-year-old to start gazing over at her.

Does Nick have an arc in the first four, five episodes?

Yes, absolutely, he does. From the beginning to the fourth or fifth episode in, he's a changed man actually. He starts to fall for someone (Cassie perhaps, like in the books?) and he starts to let his guard down, which is really great for Nick because it means he's kind of starting to get over that pain and is growing up in his own way. It’s nice to see, and it's nice to act, because you have to kind of hold that clenched fist to your chest, and then you can kind of relax a little bit. It's a nice moment for him.

Is it a relationship that you think will blossom, or is it something that will crash and burn?

Well, time will tell. You always think that your first love of your life, your first big relationship is going to last forever, and it usually doesn't. Whether they stay together — it would be nice — or not, he's definitely changed for the better from it. If they do end up breaking up, let's just hope they don't end on bad terms.

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