The CW has officially picked up The Secret Circle for a full season:

This fall, The CW only premiered three new scripted shows: Ringer, The Secret Circle and Hart of DixieThe Secret Circle is doing well in the ratings, particularly with CW superstar The Vampire Diaries as its lead-in.

In other words: meaning all three of the network’s new dramas will get 22 episodes (via Entertainment Weekly)

More News:

But the Cassie issue can’t be ignored, and it will cause “ups and downs” for the pair, says Hennig. Adam and Diana “truly do love each other,” she explains. “But Cassie brings in another element of confusion.”

That turmoil will only grow if someone new ever catches Diana’s eye, which is definitely a possibility this season because, let’s face it, we’re talking about a teen drama on The CW. “That might very well happen,” confirms Dekker. And should it, he thinks Adams would be “devastated.”

“This is something that we’re trying to focus on in the show – yes, Cassie and Adam have this fate that they can’t fight, but that doesn’t mean Diana and Adam don’t love each other. They really do,” he explains. “It’s a very complex situation with these two people who care immensely for each other, but there’s this tidal wave that’s just crashing over and over.”

Naturally, that means Chance Harbor’s love triangle is only going to get more complex, says Dekker. And where there’s a messy love triangle, there’s usually heartbreak not too far behind, so it’s no surprise that things get “very heavy and sad,” adds the actor. “Quite tragic.”


eOnline has 2 previews available for Slither!

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