The Secret Circle centers on Cassie (Life Unexpected's Britt Robertson), a teen who moves to her mother's hometown in Washington state after her mom dies. Many people take an interest in the new girl, including her school principal (Natasha Henstridge) — the show's wicked witch of the Northwest — and a group of kids.

Cassie learns from Adam (Thomas Dekker) and this magic-loving bunch that she's actually a witch, too, and they're the latest in a long line of covens made more powerful when they're together.

"It's like the ultimate clique," says Dekker, whose character becomes embroiled in a potential love triangle with Cassie and his girlfriend Diana (Shelley Hennig). "I've been in a couple myself, and they never cease to entertain."

Though the effects will hook horror fans, Cassie's emotional story appeals to a younger generation that finds social power in groups of friends. "She becomes a part of this pseudo-family who take her in and show her this new world," Robertson says. "From an audience standpoint, some teens will be able to watch that and be like, 'Oh, that could be me!' They can relate."

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