A new cast member will be joining The Secret Circle -- Cassie's father, John Blackwell!

From the:

Joe Lando (Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman) has been cast to play Cassie’s dad, John Blackwell.  He will first appear in episode 15 titled “Return.”  When he returns to Chance Harbor, he’ll claim to be a changed man who is “determined to protect Cassie and her Circle.” As far as viewers know, Cassie’s dad practiced “dark magic” and he died in a mysterious accident 16 years ago.  According to the story, after her father died, her mother Amelia couldn’t bear to be in Chance Harbor anymore and she took Cassie and left town, trying to protect her from her destiny.

How will the writers bring Cassie’s dad back to the story?  The next episode (1.12) titled, “Witness” will explore the incident that happened 16 years ago and perhaps Cassie will discover that he never really perished in the boat fire that claimed so many lives. 

How do you think Cassie’s dad, John Blackwell will be brought back into the story?

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