Hey, "Secret Circle" fans -- remember how just a few weeks ago, Cassie was trying to kill Adam with her brain?

Well, he got over it. As we saw in last week's episode, Cassie and Adam finally did the deed... which happened to activate an old family curse. It also murdered a whole bunch of birds.

It's got to be pretty awkward to find out that a bunch of old witches really didn't want you to have sex with the cute waiter boy... and it's even more awkward when you're forced to tell all of your friends about it. Exes, former crushes, and all.

In this clip from Thursday's new episode, Faye delights in the uncomfortable moment -- while Diana looks a little queasy. Meanwhile, the curse's actual target -- Jake -- is missing in action.

We'll also see Cassie forced to have the sex talk with her recently-resurrected father, which is just the beginning of the breakdown of the walls between the kids and the parents. Executive producer Andrew Miller says that a lot of secrets harbored by the generations of witches are going to come to light very soon.

"It just doesn't feel real for them to be able to keep this secret for much longer," he tells us. "Even if Blackwell is the guy he claims to be, he still comes with a ton of really dark magic. The wall that's been maintained between the kids and the adults can't really last for much longer."

Before the end of the season, all the kids will be confronted with the truth about their parents' misdeeds. "This [season] was intended to be an emotional journey for Cassie, beginning from not being a witch and having a mom who just died, but we also want to do that with the rest of the kids," Miller says. "What we wanted was to take these witches and ask them to define themselves, based on who they are and who their parents are, and by the end of the season we feel like they need to understand where they came from to know who they want to be in the future."

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