Cassie is also drawn to Adam, but he seems hooked on Diana and Cassie feels very loyal to her. How long can the 'will they, won't they?' romance go on for? Will they eventually give in?
It's hard to say. At this point Cassie really values her friendship with Diana and she doesn't want to see her get hurt or be the one trying to break them up - that's not who she is. Cassie is very loyal and she values her friendship with these people more than her desire to be with Adam. But there's always that tug of feelings - it's like she needs to be with him and she doesn't know why. I think it's something she'll have to explore at some point, but when that will be I have no idea! It's a looming idea, always.

Is Cassie becoming more at ease with her powers?
Yes, you'll definitely see her become a lot stronger, a lot more confident with her powers. You'll see her dip into the dark elements and the light elements and you'll get to see her fight for her friends as all the circle comes together and becomes very powerful.

Do you think Cassie could ever go down the darker route of magic?

I think it's a pretty big possibility actually, so keep watching and you'll get to see us touch upon that quite a bit…

via: SkyLiving

Britt Robertson teases love triangle

Robertson stated that Cassie values the friendship she has with Diana (played by Shelley Hennig) too much and will not endanger it by pursuing a romantic relationship with Adam (played by Thomas Dekker).

Robertson was quoted as saying that it’s a continuing love triangle. “It is a plotline that’ll continue till the end.

“Cassie greatly values the relationship she has with Diana, she values it more than this passionate feeling she has for Adam. You will probably not see much of Adam and Cassie unless the connection between Diana and Adam totally vanishes, or till it will no longer pose a risk to the friendship involving Cassie and Diana.

But Robertson disclosed that one or two things in a few places will suggest otherwise.

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