At the end of the most recent episode of "The Secret Circle" (Thursdays, 9 p.m. ET on The CW), John Blackwell issued an ominous warning to his would-be murderer, Ethan: Their children's star-crossed destiny was a curse as much as a love connection. But the omen didn't come soon enough for Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Adam (Thomas Dekker), as the episode closed with the pair consummating their relationship as a portentous cloud of ravens circled above Cassie's house.

What does that mean for the show's central couple? According to Robertson and Dekker, nothing good. HuffPost TV caught up with the pair during a recent visit to the Vancouver-based set, and while they were enthusiastic about their characters' upcoming storylines, it doesn't sound like Cassie and Adam will be living "happily ever after" any time soon ...

"They’ve heard since Cassie got into town that their families were destined to be together, but it was always kind of a bizarre thing; it's like an arranged marriage," Robertson said with a laugh. "They're trying to subtract that element of the relationship and really just focus on each other and how they feel about one another, and not have to focus on the pressures of defining the stars and what they mean. But unfortunately, that [destiny] will always come back to haunt them ... John Blackwell comes around and starts saying that maybe we aren't destined to be together, or if we are, what does that mean for the rest of the circle? It could mean bad things!"

Dekker previously told HuffPost TV that he enjoyed getting to the meat of Cassie and Adam's relationship, but he also revealed that these new obstacles might make the couple think twice about their undeniable chemistry. "The 'written in the stars' part is a positive thing, but there's a repercussion to it that we've never known about that Blackwell informs us of," he said. "So we have to reevaluate how 'worth it' our relationship is in the face of trouble, which was a really interesting direction I never thought they'd go in ...It's also interesting because it brings into consideration the memory of Diana and the past, and you'll see where that goes. That storyline has been pushed away, but on purpose, so that [it has more impact] when it comes back into question."

As we saw last week, the show is already positioning Cassie and Blackwell against Adam and Ethan, and Dekker confirmed that the rivalry between their fathers is going to be the main source of friction between the pair. "When Cassie, with her father, starts to unearth more truths, that's kind of the challenge that it puts on our relationship of 'Who do we trust?'" he explained. "It sort of becomes a bit of a competition of which parent is really the villain or the hero ... but I will not reveal which one Ethan is."

And while it seems obvious that the Blackwells have the most villainous tendencies, thanks to their use of dark magic, Dekker cautions that the delineation isn't as obvious as one might think. "There's certainly a darker edge to [Adam] that's set off at the end of 'Curse,'" he teased. "There's a big shift in him, but it's not a possession; the event that he goes through really brings out a different side of him. He's a bit more aggressive and a bit more drawn to dark things and a bit more sly ... All the things that have been the antithesis of who he's been since the beginning."

"Curse" also sees the return of Cassie's grandmother, Jane (Ashley Crow) who has been away at "a clinic of sorts, working on her mind," according to Robertson. Though she is still struggling to shake off the effects of the memory spell Charles (Gale Harold) cast on her, Robertson said Jane still has some wisdom to impart to her granddaughter this week. "We go to visit her, and she reveals some very interesting information -- she's kind of a conduit to bigger issues, bigger ideas and plans for the circle that are out there, and she's completely unaware of it."

She's not the only one, as Robertson also hinted that we'll be seeing more of the elders appearing in upcoming episodes, including Jake's (Chris Zylka) grandfather and Melissa's (Jessica Parker Kennedy) grandmother. "The elders are coming out of the woodwork left and right, and we have information that we need to get out of them," Parker Kennedy noted. "Some of them are on our side and some of them aren't, and that could end up being an issue as well. But for now, we're trying to keep on the track of keeping the circle alive and whoever's in our way, we'll take them down with us!"
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