There are still a lot of things to learn about the characters and their relationships, and where we will start is with Cassie (Britt Robertson), who has been the key since day one. “As we move forward…we’re going to see there’s more to Cassie, and part of what makes her special is not just her mom but also her father,” Miller previewed, “and it’s because it’s something she’s been sort of forced to push in the back of her head for the last fifteen or sixteen years, now it’s going to come up, and it becomes a very interesting part of who she is and how she defined herself.”

Right now everyone from Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) to Charles (Gale Harold) and even Ethan (Adam Harrington) believes Cassie’s father died years ago, but Miller teased that “there’s more to the father than we know.” Does that mean he may actually be alive and making an reappearance into Chance Harbor any time soon?

“I was always under the impression Cassie’s father died along with everyone else,” Miller sounded like he may have been smirking a bit.

So we had to tell him our theory: that he faked his death in order to protect his family and friends. And to that Miller simply said “It may be worth keeping all of the options open.” But whether or not the mystery around Cassie’s father will bleed over to present day, Miller is excited to expand the story. We would settle for flashbacks if it meant casting another tall, dark, and brooding handsome man! Hey, it is The CW…

via The Examiner

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