Cassie And Jake Have A Love Connection!
“I mean, it's easy to set your sights on Cassie [Britt Robertson], because she's adorable,” Andrew Miller tells AOL. “I don't think he needs that extra incentive at the top. I think ultimately because Adam (Thomas Dekker) drives him crazy, it just makes it that much more fun (for Jake) to like Cassie....They have a lot in common, oddly, in that Cassie is kind of an outsider, and although Jake was born and raised in this town, he feels like an outsider because everyone hates him.”

Cassie Finds Out About Her Dad!
All we know about Cassie’s dad is that he died in a freak boating accident and was a “bad man,” but we’re finally about to find out more about her family history! “In the next couple episodes, there will be revelations about who she is and what she's capable of that will cause her to start looking down her father's family tree.” Andrew Miller explains to TV Guide.

via WetPaint

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