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Even so, Jake obviously has some undeniable chemistry with Cassie [Britt Robertson]; are we going to see that evolve in coming episodes?
There's definitely chemistry there, there's no denying that. He hits her in a special place and she hits him in a special place. All these questions that she has for everyone else that they answer so generally, he just puts it all on the table for her and tells it to her like it is. He's like, "You seem like a pretty good witch, so we're going to deal with it," and she shows him remorse and a chance for a new start, and she's someone that doesn't necessarily look at his past; she sees who he is now.

It's really heartwarming being in a scene with Britt and doing this because she's so good at [bringing that empathy] and it just makes you feel warm -- you can't help but smile. There's definitely something brewing there, but we'll see ... He's been pretty set on avenging his parents for a while now, and I don't know if they'll allow that to get in the way.

Obviously, Adam [Thomas Dekker] is already jealous and struggling with Jake's connection with Cassie, given that there's some animosity from the past between them; how will we see that progress?
I think Adam's the guy that's held this circle together the whole time, and he's the guy that's obviously going to be overprotective. I mean, he lost his mother, and his father is an alcoholic. He plays the dad in the circle; he's always playing that masculine figure that no one else can. I think he takes on all of the burdens -- or he tries to -- within the circle. Every problem that comes to town, every single issue that the circle has, you see it on Adam's shoulders more than anyone -- and he doesn't even say the words, which, kudos to Thomas that he pulls that off. So I think with Jake coming into the circle, Adam feels a bit threatened, because it seems like he's a good guy and has changed, but Adam knows better. [laughs] He knows better and he's not going to allow like Jake to bulls**t and finagle his way into this situation and try to be the man of the circle. Basically, right now, it's two bulls in a circle just staring at each other, but eventually, there's going to be that collision, and we'll see what happens.

We were on set while you were filming a certain truth-or-dare scene in episode 8 -- can you tease any of the truths that may come out?
Oh, of course you were! [laughs] I think Adam's going to grow so sick and tired of knowing that Jake is up to something that he's going to try to call him out.

11/14/2023 11:53:21 pm

Great reaading this


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